AngelFace 01
Angel Face is a Fight Club regular, and one of the "space monkeys" in Project Mayhem.


He was blonde and described as being "beautiful." The Narrator developed a jealous hatred for Angel Face after Tyler showed favoritism. The Narrator noted his "inflamed sense of rejection" and delivered a savage beating to Angel Face, causing him to be "less beautiful" from then on.


In the novel, The Narrator tagged him for a fight given that he was a first-timer under the eighth rule. Upon that, the boy was brutally beaten down and this triggered Tyler to either establish Project Mayhem or have Fight Club shut down.

In the film, Angel Face was already present at Fight Club, having witnessed Lou beating down on Tyler before allowing the basement to be used for the future meet-ups and the first homework assignment. He was the third recruit to be accepted into Project Mayhem after passing the commitment test on the front porch of the Paper Street House. The game had shown him already having deemed himself as Tyler's right hand before having been beaten down by The Hero on multiple occasions.

Fight Club 2 reintroduced Angel Face back after ten years, showing him completely disfigured after a decade of attending Fight Club. He fought against The Narrator again before Tyler took over, brutally pounding away at The Narrator and slamming him onto the floor before fingers snap, allowing Tyler to take control. Tyler, in return, pounded at Angel Face before being strangled to death on the spot while giving a new rule: to never hit Tyler in the face.


  • "It's under control, sir."
  • "Sir, the first rule of Project Mayhem is: You do not ask qu..." (inturrupted by The Narrator)


  • He was played by Jared Leto, the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars.
  • He was one of, if not the only recruit to Project Mayhem that didn't shave his head to become a 'Space Monkey'.