Ricky was one of the youngest members of Fight Club. He worked with The Narrator as an associate with the Federated Motor Corporation, but he had trouble remembering "whether [somebody] ordered pens with blue ink or black."

Upon his first night at Fight Club, he was shown to be a very lean young man with a dark patch of hair on his chest and wavy brown hair on his head, already drenched in sweat from the fight against a maitre d' of a local food court. The fight lasted for 10 minutes, and at the very end it seemed as if Ricky was going to get the worse out of the fight after being put into a chokehold upon a support collumn, thrown to the ground and kicked back down after trying to get up. However, he got back onto his feet by rolling back around and threw himself back up to send in a quick shove and a left-handed hook punch towards the maitre d' on the right side of the face. He then goes on top of the maitre d' and finishes him off with two left-handed punches to the face before being pushed back by the maitre d' as he sprayed blood in his mouth "Stop!"

He became a regular at Fight Club, a hardened veteran. When Tyler Durden started giving out homework assignments, his was to start a fight with a stranger which he had done so at a Cadillac dealership where he had knocked over a representative in between two cars, causing one of his shoes to fly away. He gave in, which was part of the assignment, and got beaten down by the representative.

After a while, he then joined with Project Mayhem as the first Applicant but was called "too young" as he stood for the first time at the Paper Street House. The Narrator and Tyler tried so many times to get Ricky to leave, but he kept still for three straight days without food, shelter, or encouragement. Upon the last day, Tyler asked if Ricky had the following items for his stay and was let inside to begin his training. He shaved his wavy hair down to the scalp and was officially called a Space Monkey, "ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good." He still attended Fight Club as one of the the Wilmington chapter's forum leaders with Irvine at the front.